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Naish Chopper

Letos na jaře přišla firma Naish s novým, na první pohled velmi radikálním konceptem plachty a uvedla na trh model Naish Chopper. Jedná se o plachtu s velmi krátkým stěžněm při zachování standardní délky ráhna. Plachta by měla přinášet vynikající výkon a větrný rozsah.

Co o plachtě píše firma Naish? Čtěte na dalších řádcích, Pro autentičnost jsme článek ponechali v angličtině.

Naish Chopper

Target: Hardcore wave sailors that weigh less than 185 lbs. This ultra compact sail is based on a completely new concept, and is quickly being adopted by top riders like Kai Lenny and Mark Angulo.


* Ultralight Radial Surf construction with Radial Kevlar Airframe
* Ultra short luff lengths and One Mast Concept
* Extremely wide range and exceptional tune-ability
* New sizing that makes old school ‘sailing by the numbers’ obsolete


The basic concept is to pack the same useable power into less sail area by eliminating the parts of the sail that twist off and essentially act as a ‘fairing’ – while necessary for top speed (the upper part of the sail improves the L/D ratio), wavesailors just need lift that is always on tap, but easy to turn off. The new design has the same camber at the second and third battens that a Force has at the third and fourth – which is the power generating area of the sail. At the same time, the triangle that defines the basic geometry of the sail is much shorter relative to it’s width, resulting in hugely improved shape stability. All sizes have extremely short luffs and rig on the same 370 mast combined with ‘normal’ boom lengths - in other words, the boom length is a function of the sails’ range, not it’s size. The Chopper features extensive use of X-166 Ultralight scrim, and Naish-exclusive Spectraview window material. The new radial panel layout and shaping geometry make the sail light, extremely durable, and provide long term shape-holding ability.


The Ultra Compact Wave Sail Chopper - offered in 4 sizes (S, M, L, and XL) - offers unprecedented handling and control both on a wave and in the air. The shorter luff keeps the center of effort close to your body, resulting in more direct handling – imagine being able to rotate like you can on a trampolene without the sail restricting your movement. Additionally, the more stable, less reactive leech let’s you make tighter turns, and surf closer to the pocket – landing tweaked manuvers is much easier because the sail is so predictable and docile. Since you will be using a smaller size sail and shorter mast, the total weight of your rig is further reduced. The Chopper also features a tremendous tuning range, and is a perfect match for today’s shorter/wider waveboards - expect to have your mind blown on your first wave or back loop!