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Chopper Ultra Compact Wave


Target: Hardcore wave sailors that weigh less than 185 lbs. This ultra compact sail is based on a completely new concept, and is quickly being adopted by top riders like Kai Lenny and Mark Angulo.


Naish Chopper spec- All sizes fit a 370 mast, which means less mast breakage

- Ultra compact outline makes surfing and rotational moves easier

- Larger trim range with balanced power means huge wind range and fewer sails needed

- Lower rig weight with less reactive twist means reduced swing weight feel

- High tech construction: radial panel layout, 100% scrim and Kevlar load strips



The basic concept is to pack the same useable power into less sail area by eliminating the parts of the sail that twist off and essentially act as a ‘fairing’ – while necessary for top speed (the upper part of the sail improves the L/D ratio), wavesailors just need lift that is always on tap, but easy to turn off. The new design has the same camber at the second and third battens that a Force has at the third and fourth – which is the power generating area of the sail. At the same time, the triangle that defines the basic geometry of the sail is much shorter relative to it’s width, resulting in hugely improved shape stability. All sizes have extremely short luffs and rig on the same 370 mast combined with ‘normal’ boom lengths - in other words, the boom length is a function of the sails’ range, not it’s size. The Chopper features extensive use of X-166 Ultralight scrim, and Naish-exclusive Spectraview window material. The new radial panel layout and shaping geometry make the sail light, extremely durable, and provide long term shape-holding ability.


The Ultra Compact Wave Sail Chopper - offered in 4 sizes (S, M, L, and XL) - offers unprecedented handling and control both on a wave and in the air. The shorter luff keeps the center of effort close to your body, resulting in more direct handling – imagine being able to rotate like you can on a trampolene without the sail restricting your movement. Additionally, the more stable, less reactive leech let’s you make tighter turns, and surf closer to the pocket – landing tweaked manuvers is much easier because the sail is so predictable and docile. Since you will be using a smaller size sail and shorter mast, the total weight of your rig is further reduced. The Chopper also features a tremendous tuning range, and is a perfect match for today’s shorter/wider waveboards - expect to have your mind blown on your first wave or back loop!

Sizes: S, M, L, XL 

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Cena:13 800 Kč
SizeLuffBoomHeadBattensCamsRecommended MastWeight
Small 345 152 vario 4 0 RDM 90 370 2.95
Medium 352 157 vario 4 0 RDM 90 370 3.08
Large 374 168 vario 4 0 RDM 90 370 3.18
X-Large 390 178 vario 4 0 RDM 90 370 3.36

Small (S): This is the optimum size for conditions that would require a 4.2 out of a normal
sail range, with the benefit of an extended top end range similar to a 3.7

Medium (M): This is the optimum size for conditions that would require a 4.7 out of a normal 
sail range, with the benefit of an extended top end range similar to a 4.2

Large (L): This is the optimum size for conditions that would require a 5.3 out of a normal 
sail range, with the benefit of an extended top end range similar to a 4.7

X-Large (XL): This is the optimum size for conditions that would require a 5.7 out of a normal 
sail range, with the benefit of an extended top end range similar to a 5.3


It all started with a busted sail...

When team rider, Mark Angulo, ripped a brand new Force nearly in half during an epic wipe-out that took him over the rocks at Ho'okipa, he asked us to put the sail put back together minus the top 2 feet (and top batten) just to see what would happen. After spending some time sailing it, the result surprised even Mark. His re-built 4.7 (which was now barely a 4.2) had nearly the same range as the original sail, and was letting him get away with moves that would have been unthinkable just a month earlier!

robby chopperAfter laughing at Mark for a few days, the Naish team was quick to jump on the project. We built two completely new sails (in 3 and 4 batten configurations) to evaluate the concept in a more refined form that included a new panel layout and shaping strategy. Despite our skepticism, five minutes into a side-by-side test against the World Champion Boxer 47, we knew that Mark was onto something.

The 4 batten version quickly won out and it was game on, with a full testing and development program that was carried out in utter secrecy at undisclosed locations away from the crowds. We added 'all sizes must rig on the same mast' and'it needs to beat the Boxer graphically' to the design brief and went to work. Before long, we had three sizes working - S, M and L - and realized that we could easily add a fourth, larger size that still fit on the 370 mast. So we built an XL, and then tweaked the entire range one last time. When Robby sailed them and told us, "I'm switching to these", we knew we had a winner.

2013 Naish Chopper Construction

X-166 Ultralight Scrim

X-166 is 40% lighter than monofilm, incorporates warp-oriented yarns to control elongation, and has an X-pattern to increase tear strength.

Linear Kevlar Air Frame

The Kevlar load tapes combined with the radial panel layout form a structural matrix that makes Naish sails the strongest on the market.

Woven Warp Kevlar Taffeta

This high-quality, three-layer laminate is used on all perimeter reinforcements because of its unique combination of tensile strength, tear strength and resistance to abrasion.



Naish sails use more than 25 different materials, including multiple-laminated technical scrims, warp Kevlar taffeta reinforcement tapes, high-tenacity seam tapes and the finest woven Tetoran and sleeve material available.  All of our laminated materials are manufactured by Dimension-Polyant in the USA and Germany, and our warp-oriented Tetoran is supplied by Teijin in Japan.


Our sails are engineered with a unique radial construction to ensure strength with lighter materials. Every aspect of the sail is designed to deliver the optimum durability-to-weight ratio. The result is clear on the water. Jibing  becomes nearly effortless thanks to lower swing weights, and lighter sails are more responsive at both ends of the wind range.


Light weight alone does not make a great sail. Over the years, Naish riders have come to rely on the fact that their sails are the toughest and strongest on the market, and this year’s range is no exception. Naish sails will withstand punishing wipe outs and years of hard use.


40 000 Kč


35 000 Kč


70, 80, 90, 100
38 000 Kč


Sizes: 90, 100
RDM 90
10 900 Kč

RDM 90

340, 370, 400, 430, 460
RDM pata
1 400 Kč

RDM pata

0-30, CB 0-30, CB 0-45
4 300 Kč


CT Wave 135-185, CT Freeride 160-210, CT Slalom 180-230